Digital Signature Certificate

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a secure digital key that certifies the identity of the holder, issued by a Certifying Authority (CA). It typically contains your identity (name, email, country, APNIC account name and your public key). Digital Certificates use Public Key Infrastructure meaning data that has been digitally signed or encrypted by a private key can only be decrypted by its corresponding public key. A digital certificate is an electronic "credit card" that establishes your credentials when doing business or other transactions on the Web. A DSC is used to filing ROC, Return file of IT, GST, EPF, Foreign trade and e-tendering (eProcurement).

Class 2 Digital Signature (DSC)

As e-filing is made compulsory in ROC, every director / signing authority needs to have their Digital Signature Certificate. Its now mandatory to obtain Class-2 or Class-2 with PAN Encryption Digital Signature Certificate for any person who is required to sign manual documents and returns filed with ROC as per MCA21. Also an Individual is required to obtain Class-2 DSC with PAN Encryption for e-filing his return with Income Tax, India, filing return on GST Portal and submission of tenders on eProcurement sites like Coal India, MPEPROC, UP eTender Portal, etc.


Note:All Bidders and Users are advised to learn type of DSC they required. If you required multi-purpose DSC using in all over India (except Foreign trade), you can proceed Class 3 Organisation type Signing with encryption.

Class 3 Digital Signature (DSC)

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is the upgraded version of Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate. By Using This Certificate You can Participate/Bid in Any Kind of On-line Tenders/Auction across India. To participate in the e-tendering process, every vendor is required to use a Class 3 Digital Signatures Certificate.


Note: for Organisational type DSC or OFFLINE type DSC Physical Paper will be required and for eKYC type DSC Physical paper is not required.

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